Parma 0-1 Fiorentina: Tommaso Tassotti scored the winner in extra-time

Parma, with their second win in as many games, moved one step closer to a top four finish and moved above Fiorendina to 14th in Serie A.

It was a tough game to watch from the sidelines as the Rossoneri were able to keep their composure, and they should have scored a winner when the first half ended with a corner kick.

It did not come off and the ball was then caught by goalkeeper Tommás Vukic.

The Italian’s reaction showed how well he could hold his nerve in this situation.

But the visitors were on the attack after that, and Alessandro Del Piero took advantage of the chance and went close with a volley which bounced back off a Parma corner.

Parma equalised when Federico Bernardeschi was called into action after Antonio Rudiger had missed a penalty kick, and the youngster headed in from a tight angle.

The goal was a first for the forward and one of his finest of the season.

Rudiger should have had a penalty for a foul on Giorgio Chiellini but the referee ruled that the Italy defender should have received a red card.

The game looked destined to end in a draw as Parma dominated the first 15 minutes.

But Fiorence continued to dominate in the second half, and after just eight minutes they went ahead.

The first-half was a slow affair as the Parma defence held on to hold off a spirited Fiorenda charge.

But a fine pass from Mario Balotelli sent the forward through on goal and the former Inter Milan man put the ball past Vukovic.

Fiorentine had chances to equalise but Balotoli was denied by Vukica, and there was no way back for the visitors as they continued to push forward.

Rudi and Bernardeschicsi also had chances for the Giallorossi but both failed to convert, and Tassolini scored from the spot.

After the interval, Parma came out with a renewed vigour.

Alessandro Di Stefano came close to putting in a shot which flew wide of Vukicevic’s far post but Balotsini denied the keeper with a powerful finish.

Parcosino came close with another shot but he was denied and Vukici was the hero again, diving to his right to stop a Milan free kick.

But, with the Giallsini pressing, a Balotini free kick fell to Tassili who, in a final act of courage, slid his shot wide from 25 yards. 

Ferraro scored the only goal of the game for Fioreno, and it was the final goal in the game as they claimed their first top four win in nine games.

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