How to remove steel pipe from the car by hand

A man in Texas has created a homemade, free-hand method for removing steel pipe in his car by using a plastic pipe clamps.

A man in San Antonio, Texas, has created the free-hands method to remove rust from steel pipe and steel air pipes by clamping the metal pipe clamp to the underside of the pipe.

The man, named Brandon, posted a video on YouTube and said he made the pipe clamp by bending a steel pipe clamp with a plastic tube.

“I made this by bending two metal pipe clamping tools on my belt, it’s about 2 inches long and 2 inches wide,” he said in the video.

He said he used plastic pipe clamping tools because they are easier to clamp to and they are a lot lighter than steel clamps because they use plastic.

“The clamp is pretty heavy so you can’t bend it like you can a piece of metal with a screwdriver,” he added.

The video went viral and has since been viewed more than 3 million times.

Brandon told ABC News he bought the pipe clamshells from a hardware store and made the clamp himself.

The pipe clamp comes with a metal pipe, a steel clamp and a steel clamp.

Brandon said the pipe was about 1.5 inches wide and had a plastic sleeve.

Brandon told ABC affiliate KENS5 he used the pipe pipe clamp for two days before he noticed a small crack forming on the outside of the clamp.

“You could bend the clamp around the pipe, but the pipe didn’t bend,” Brandon said.

Brandon said he thought the crack was caused by a water leak and tried using the pipe wrench to try and open the crack.

“It was like, oh, I can’t,” Brandon told KENS.

“I just couldnt get it to open up.

I just tried and tried to pull it out and it just kept sticking to my hand.”

He said the crack opened up a few inches and he thought it might be a crack in the plastic sleeve and he tried to put it back together, but it stuck again.

Brandon then tried the pipe tool again.

“Then I just went to the other side, tried to make sure that it wasn’t a crack, and I just had to put the pipe in the other hole,” he told KEN.

He told KCBS he tried another clamp but it didn’t budge.

“When you’re trying to push a pipe to the outside, you’ve got to get your hands into it,” Brandon explained.

Brandon’s YouTube video has garnered over 3 million views.

He said the clamp is available at the hardware store for $19.99, but he said it is difficult to find.

The Texas Department of Transportation said the department was unable to find any specific manufacturer of clamps, but said the company’s website states that all of its clamps are made by the company, Steel Pipe Tools.

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