10-year-old boy, 10-month-old baby found dead in Texas farmhouse

In the early morning hours of August 31, 2017, a family member woke to find their two-year old son, who had been missing since August 14, dead in their home.

The body of the infant, a man named James, was found on the kitchen floor of the home.

James had a small bruise on his head and a large gash on his chest.

It was later determined that James was beaten to death.

The family had left their son with his grandparents and his mother on the night of the incident.

The mother’s family was arrested the next day and charged with first-degree murder.

James’ body was found in the garage of the family’s home.

A search warrant was served on the home, and the house was searched.

Police found a large amount of blood in the house, but no other signs of trauma.

They also found evidence of a struggle and a struggle with a person in the backyard.

Police said that James had been beaten to the ground and had a large, bloody gash across his chest and a slash across his right leg.

The search warrant said that the murder weapon was a pipe, but the exact weapon remains unknown.

Authorities did not reveal any further details on the murder or the identity of the person who killed James.

Two days after the arrest, a third person was charged in the death of James.

The case was reopened in September.

The victim’s family told police that he had been attacked at least two times and had multiple cuts and bruises on his body.

They told investigators that the injuries were consistent with the man being beaten to a pulp by his brother and nephews, and that the nephews then beat him to death with a rock.

A man named Joshua Mitchell was arrested in August 2018 and charged in connection with the murder.

Mitchell is described as a white male, 5’9″, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Mitchell was last seen wearing a red baseball cap and gray jeans.

Mitchell has also been arrested multiple times, including in the case of James, in which he was charged with aggravated assault and battery.

A warrant was issued for Mitchell on the same day the police were investigating the James case.

Mitchell did not show up in court, and he was arrested without incident the next month.

Mitchell’s case was eventually dropped after Mitchell told police he was going to commit suicide, and was arrested for failing to appear in court.

Mitchell and his brother, also known as Dwayne Mitchell, were also charged in June 2019 for killing a neighbor, John Thomas, who was also found dead at his home.

Both Mitchell and Thomas had ties to the New Orleans suburb of St. Tammany Parish, and they are accused of beating and shooting Thomas in the head and chest.

In July 2018, Dwayne and Joshua Mitchell were also indicted in connection to the death in St. Joseph Parish, New Orleans, of a man who was found shot to death in a dumpster.

A grand jury indicted the brothers on charges of first- and second-degree homicide, first-and-second-degree assault, criminal mischief and unlawful entry.

A third person, Anthony Dwayne Thomas, also appeared in court for a hearing and was ordered held without bail.

Thomas was also charged with criminal mischief, but it was later dropped after he posted $100,000 bail.

Police charged Thomas with first degree murder after he allegedly hit a woman with a baseball bat.

Thomas is scheduled to appear at a New Orleans court on November 11, 2018.

The next day, a second indictment was filed in St and Pigeon, New York, charging Anthony Thomas with aggravated criminal sexual assault.

Thomas’ lawyer, Michael Cusick, told reporters at the time that Thomas is innocent and has been charged with no crime.

The New York District Attorney’s Office released a statement in August saying that it would not file criminal charges against Thomas.

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