How Trump’s trade war will affect the US economy

The White House said Thursday that President Donald Trump’s new trade war with China will make the US the first major country to exit the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) without a deal.

Trump has promised to withdraw the US from the TPP if he wins the November elections.

Trump said he would push the US to withdraw from the trade pact in a speech to the US Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

But he has said he will keep the pact in place if he is elected.

“I want to make it a success, and I want to have a successful deal,” Trump said Tuesday in his speech.

“But if we’re not successful, we’re going to leave.

We’re going out.”

Trump has already indicated that he will withdraw the country from the deal after he takes office in January.

But the president has not said whether he will stay in the agreement, or whether he would be willing to renegotiate it.

On Wednesday, Trump also announced that he would cut off U.S. funding to the U.N. if the U,N.

fails to agree on a new deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The U.K., Canada, and Mexico have been negotiating a deal to curb greenhouse gas emission from their economies.

In a statement, Trump said that his new trade policies would “cut red tape and create new jobs.”

The administration has proposed a series of tariffs on Chinese imports and exports, and the White House has said that it is targeting “millions of jobs” and that U.H.S.-made goods will be “more competitive.”

The tariffs are estimated to cost the U

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