Why the new pipe-steel supply to the Israelis may have gone bad

A new supply of pipes from Israel may have been contaminated by contaminated pipe from the Israeli military, according to an expert who is the director of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

The pipes were sold by the Israeli company MAVERICK Steel in 2015 to a firm based in New Jersey.

According to the IAA, MAVERick Steel is owned by Israel’s largest cement company, which is a major buyer of Israeli cement.

According on March 13, a week before the IMA was established, the IHA was told that it would not be able to carry out a routine test of the pipes, and would have to carry them out through the IAS.

In response to the decision, the company called the IAs request for a test “unnecessary.”

On Friday, the Israeli army announced that they had started testing the pipes for traces of the metal that could potentially have been found in the pipes.

The Israeli army said that they tested the pipes on the IA’s premises and found that the pipes had levels of lead and arsenic of around 50 parts per million.

The company has denied that they were contaminated.

“It is a very serious situation,” the IOA director of environmental health, Dr. Yaron Shapira, told Haaretz.

“The IAS should have been the one to investigate this situation, and this is why it did not happen.

The IAS has to protect its public,” Shapira added.

“I have to say, the whole system is wrong and I hope the IAH [Israel Antiquities Agency] will change the way it conducts its work and work in the future.

There should be more transparency.”

The IHA director of public health, Ilan Szerba, told the Jerusalem Post that the pipe-testing process is “a serious violation of the law,” because it is “an essential part of the inspection process that the IIA is supposed to carry on.

We have to be transparent and we have to keep things in order.”

The pipes have since been delivered to the company.

The Jerusalem police also announced that it will be launching a criminal investigation into the pipe samples.

Szerbei said that the police will examine the company’s business records and decide whether to take further action.

“In the next couple of weeks, we will launch a criminal probe and I can’t say whether there will be criminal charges, but we will do our best to take action,” Szerbias said.

The incident follows an IHA investigation into another shipment of pipes that was shipped to the Israeli defense ministry from the company, according the Jerusalem Police.

The police said that tests were carried out on a sample of the material in the shipment, which they said showed that it came from the factory of the company MAVERSKI, which produces pipe and other construction materials.

The samples were sent to the United States, where they were tested for lead, arsenic, and lead salts.

The pipes came from a company that was the sole manufacturer of the equipment that was used by the Israel Defense Forces, and which the IPA did not inspect.

In addition, the pipe materials were manufactured in Israel, according Moti Ganor, the head of the IBA.

According the Jerusalem police, the samples from the pipe shipment were sent back to the manufacturer MAVERSKI, and the IAVA had no knowledge of them until it received the shipment from the IAEA.

The pipe shipment was shipped in October of 2016, and was later discovered to contain high levels of a metal that is used to coat concrete and was used in the building of the Israeli Defense Forces’ Iron Dome missile defense system.

According a spokesperson for the ITA, the incident is “unacceptable and unacceptable to the public,” adding that it shows that the system is not up to scratch and that “no serious inspections have taken place.”

In a statement, the PA said it is concerned over the shipment of PA pipe and cement pipes, which were sent from Israel to Israel. “

We have never heard of such an incident, and we cannot accept this as an example of good management and transparency in our country.”

In a statement, the PA said it is concerned over the shipment of PA pipe and cement pipes, which were sent from Israel to Israel.

“We are concerned that such a serious incident has occurred,” the PA statement said.

“Israel is an integral part of our territory, and it’s unacceptable that the country should send our pipes to the defense ministry.”

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