Smaller steel pipe can supply a greater volume of pipe than larger ones, the world’s biggest pipe mill said on Wednesday, but a new report shows it would still require an even bigger tool to extract the pipe from the ground.

The report by the world-leading pipe manufacturer, LSW Steel, found that a single pipe can produce a quarter of a million tonnes of pipe, but that the material required to produce such a pipe is much smaller than a hand grenade, the size of a shoebox.

“It is the smallest pipe we have ever seen in the world,” said John D. Bicknell, chairman of LSW’s Pipe Business Research Group.

“The smaller pipe that we are working on now is about half a metre across, which is very small.

But it is a very, very small pipe.”

Mr Bickney said the pipe was the size that a shoestring could fit on a standard deck, which means it would require a small tool to remove a half-inch or so of pipe from a 1,000-tonne container.

Mr Bicksnell said that pipe is already used in some parts of the world and could be used in parts of Africa and the Middle East.

He said the smaller size of the pipe would make it easier to use in areas that were already plagued by the spread of diseases.

“You would not need to use a big tool to pull it out,” he said.

“But it is very difficult to make pipes that are smaller and lighter.”

This will be a key area in the future for pipe in places that need it.

“A study by the U.S. government in 2012 found that the average American household needed to use 1,200 tonnes of steel pipe a year to produce the same amount of pipe as it did in 2001.

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