How did the Palestinian people become the world’s deadliest?

Two years after a massive shark attack killed at least 1,400 Palestinians, it is becoming clearer that Israel is responsible.

The killing was not an isolated incident but one of many that have been linked to a complex social and economic network in the occupied West Bank.

The incident took place in the village of Sakhnin in the northern West Bank, a Palestinian village of about 60,000 people, and has long been seen as a defining moment for Palestinian resistance, which was sparked in 1967 by the expulsion of Israeli forces from the Palestinian village, and continues to this day.

The villagers and the Israeli authorities have long been accused of failing to protect their villages from Palestinian attacks.

Sakhnin is located in a densely populated area, and many Palestinians live in a cluster of villages that have become synonymous with the wave of violent confrontations that swept through the occupied territories after the 1967 war.

The area, where many Palestinian families live in tight-knit communities, is one of the last places on earth where the Palestinian inhabitants can freely gather to mourn the dead.

Yet, despite the presence of the villages’ main population centers, Israel continues to deny Palestinians access to the main thoroughfares of the West Bank: the main road from the occupied Gaza Strip to the occupied East Jerusalem, which separates the two territories.

The road is also a crucial source of livelihood for the village’s 1.7 million residents, who rely on it to move their goods and other products, including meat and dairy products, between the village and the surrounding towns and cities of the occupied east Jerusalem.

The Palestinians also depend on it for their livelihoods and for the basic needs of their villages.

For the villagers, the roads are a key source of employment, because it provides the main means of communication between them and their neighbors in the West.

Palestinians have long used the roads to cross the border, but the Israeli blockade has forced many to travel by car.

In recent years, as the number of Palestinian attacks on Israelis has risen, Israel has begun implementing new restrictions on the movement of Palestinian citizens of Israel, including by closing the main roads in the area.

Israeli authorities imposed a similar closure in 2014, in response to the spate of violent attacks.

The closure has reduced the number and severity of Palestinian-Israeli attacks, but it has also meant the loss of a vital livelihood for many Palestinian residents.

The restrictions are also hurting the local economy, which has struggled to adapt to the loss in trade, according to a report from the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.

The closures have resulted in a collapse in the livelihoods of many of the local Palestinians, who are forced to rely on the roads as their only means of livelihood.

Some Palestinians, like Awwad, a farmer, have lost their only source of income, which is now largely provided by selling their produce to supermarkets and restaurants in the surrounding area.

According to Awwal, the restrictions have forced the farmers to sell their crops to other farmers in the nearby villages.

In addition, the closures have made it difficult for the villagers to transport their produce and produce materials.

The restrictions have also damaged the local agriculture industry, as Palestinians rely on animals for their income, including sheep, goats, and cattle, which are used in livestock feed.

Many Palestinians, including Awwa, are unable to provide for their families, including the elderly, children, and the sick.

The village has been under Israeli control since 1948, when Israel captured the area, which it annexed into its territory in 1967.

Since then, it has been controlled by Israel, which holds the West Jerusalem holy site, which also contains the Old City, and is also home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, a sacred site revered by Muslims.

Following the 1967 conflict, Israel expanded the settlements, and Palestinians were displaced to other parts of the territory, including East Jerusalem.

In the years following the war, Israel increased its control over the Palestinian population, restricting the movement and movement of Palestinians within the occupied territory.

The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Legislative Council, which governs the Palestinian territories, have tried to stop the expansion of the settlements.

Israel maintains that it is fulfilling its obligation to protect the rights of Palestinians, and that the Palestinians are entitled to the protection of international law.

However, the Palestinians have been under increasing pressure from the international community to end the Israeli occupation and to end all settlements.

The Israeli government is also seeking to prevent the expansion and development of settlements in the Palestinian occupied territories, but in recent years has been criticized by the international public and the international media for the construction of settlements on private Palestinian land.

Since 2009, the Israeli government has also increased its restrictions on Palestinian travel and development, restricting Palestinians from crossing the occupied Palestinian territory, making it difficult to move goods and materials, and closing or restricting the main arteries of the Palestinian economy.

Israel is also facing a growing wave of criticism for its treatment of Palestinians.

In April, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the

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