The Steel Pipe Union and the Government need to look at how to address the Steel Pipe Barrier

A steel pipe fence that has been blocking access to a major steel plant in Western Australia has been removed and workers are now working to rebuild the fence.

Key points:The steel pipe fencing has been around for more than a decadeThe steel fence was erected to stop access to the Carmichael coal mine siteA steel pipe sleeve has been erected to protect workers from the steel pipe barrierIt was the largest steel pipe enclosure on the planet, and it was only recently removed in 2015The fence, a steel pipe shield, was installed by the State Government in April last year as part of a multi-million dollar infrastructure project to address concerns about a possible explosion at the Carmangate coal mine.

Workers in the field are now starting to rebuild a steel fence around the perimeter of the steel plant, a project that will take months.

The fence is one of the largest concrete barriers in the world.

It was built by a group of workers from Western Australia’s Steel Workers Union (SWU) and was installed at a site owned by the Carmikel coal mine, which is one the biggest in the country.

It is not the only concrete barrier on the site, and workers say the new fence is still very strong.

The workers said the steel barrier, which was the biggest concrete barrier in the entire world, was not only strong, but that it could also withstand earthquakes and the impact of a hurricane.

They said the barrier was not just a barrier to stop the flow of the water in the area, but was also meant to protect people and the workers from debris.

The steel barrier has now been removed from the site.

“The steel wall is not just to prevent water and the waste water coming in,” said SWU secretary-general Scott Thompson.

“It’s also a barrier that stops any potential damage to the workers and to the site itself.”

The new steel barrier was constructed by a team of workers.

It covers a diameter of three metres (10ft).

“The workers are trying to build a barrier for themselves, and they’re also building a barrier in front of the mine that is designed to stop any possible collapse,” Mr Thompson said.

“They’re building a fence in front that will be a barrier, so they’re trying to keep it all secure.”‘

They’ve done everything we asked them to do’Workers are working on a second barrier that will include a concrete sleeve to prevent a collapse of the fence as well as a barrier along the perimeter to protect from a collapse in the steel wall.

The new barriers are being installed to ensure that workers have adequate security, including a steel plate.

“We’re really happy that it’s gone, but we’re still trying to get the fence back to a proper height, and we’re hoping that that’s going to be in a month or two,” Mr Clark said.

The work is continuing.

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