“You don’t get this kind of work anywhere else” at Foxconn, but that’s where you’re going to find it

Foxconn has announced plans to close its massive factory in Shenzhen, China, and to invest $100 billion in a massive new facility in the United States.

The announcement, first reported by TechCrunch, comes at a time when the company is facing mounting pressure from the U.S. government to do more to address the problem of worker safety at the manufacturing giant.

Foxconn’s closure has been a topic of intense public debate in recent months, with the company’s parent company laying off workers and laying off thousands of its workers in the U, Canada, and Europe.

Fox and other tech companies have been facing pressure to make some of the factories in the world’s largest tech hub safer for workers and consumers, but the company has been accused of a range of serious safety violations, including dangerous overtime, forced overtime, and workplace conditions that were far worse than the companies own data indicated.

The company has defended its work-life balance practices, saying that it tries to provide the best possible work-force.

But the company said in a statement that it will no longer manufacture or sell its products at Fox’s Foxconn factory in China.

“Our commitment to quality has always been a priority at Fox,” the statement said.

“In the case of our Foxconn manufacturing plant in Shenyang, we are not a partner with Foxconn.

As part of the agreement we reached with the Chinese government, we agreed to fully implement the strict measures we agreed on with the government and to stop manufacturing our products there.

The company will still be able to ship its products to a few more countries and sell them online through third-party sellers like Amazon, but it will not be able manufacture or distribute its products directly to consumers. “

As we have said from the start, our goal is to create a manufacturing facility that provides jobs for the local workers and helps create new wealth and prosperity for our community.”

The company will still be able to ship its products to a few more countries and sell them online through third-party sellers like Amazon, but it will not be able manufacture or distribute its products directly to consumers.

Fox, which is headquartered in Texas, announced in September that it would close its factory in Zhengzhou, China and invest $40 billion in its massive new plant in South Carolina.

The move was the latest move by Foxconn to move manufacturing abroad.

The Chinese electronics giant has been under intense pressure from U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other governments to make it safer for its workers and improve conditions in the manufacturing industry, and in December it announced it would cut more than 10,000 jobs at its Zhengzhou factory.

But as it has made moves toward building its own factories, the company and other major electronics manufacturers have been hit with mounting pressure to take a harder line on labor and safety.

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump said that the U to “immediately” close all Foxconn plants in the country, and pledged to close the entire factory in the Shenzhen facility.

“Foxconn has the largest manufacturing plant of any company in the US, but is the target of massive government crackdowns that will lead to massive job losses and massive corporate fines,” Johnson said in October.

“If Foxconn continues to export products to China at this rate, millions of American jobs will be in jeopardy.”

Foxconn said it would invest $10 billion in new facilities and hire 100,000 workers to make the factory in South Korea more environmentally friendly.

“The Foxconn plant in Chengdu, South Korea, has been an integral part of our work to improve the safety of our workers and products,” Foxconn CEO Terry Gou said in the statement.

“We have made significant investments in safety technology and are committed for our plant to remain a green building, and are looking forward to continuing to make our plants more environmentally sustainable in the future.”

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