Why a California man may have the answer to stopping fracking: brazers

A California man is hoping to stop fracking after learning that a local water treatment plant has been sending its wastewater directly to his home.

Juan Carlos Castillo, who lives in the village of La Verne, California, is worried that fracking wastewater is being sent to the waste water treatment plants he owns in the area.

Castillo told NBC Bay Area that he’s received no notification about this, but he says the water treatment facility he owns is responsible for a number of waste water issues.

“I can’t believe that there is a water treatment unit in my town that’s not using the right water source,” Castillo said.

“I feel bad for this company that’s sending my wastewater directly into the community.”

Castillo says he’s been concerned for years that the water is being treated with a dangerous substance called “brown coal” which is known to cause respiratory illnesses, heart attacks, and even death.

Castilleros family has long been concerned about the chemicals being used in the industry.

Castilla’s family is concerned about how much of the waste is being used.

“It’s a problem in our community, we’ve been using it for years and years,” Castilla said.

Castillo believes the company that is treating the wastewater should be held accountable.

“We’re not doing enough, we’re just letting it go on and on and the water will continue to go into the aquifer and contaminate the water,” Castillos family member said. 

“We’re going to start taking action, and it will be a long and hard fight,” Castillero added. 

However, Castillo believes that the waste could be sent back to the communities wastewater treatment plant in San Bruno instead.

“If it’s not in San Francisco, it’s going to go to our water treatment system in La Verna, so we have a very good chance of stopping it,” Castellos said.

“We just have to start treating our wastewater properly,” Castilillo said, adding that he has made an effort to keep his water treatment systems clean.

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